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We have compiled a number of frequently asked questions and answers to give you a compact overview of REALPORTICO.
We are happy to answer new questions and list them here if they are relevant.

General Questions

Who can offer real estate on REALPORTICO?
The offer is aimed at both business and private customers with marketing needs. Since the properties in focus here are predominantly marketed by companies, the full use of all functions is offered exclusively to business customers. Private providers have the option of placing one ad per month free of charge. Further information can be found tutaj.
Why should I offer real estate on REALPORTICO?
Prospective buyers and tenants for special properties are often not to be found within the consumer-oriented real estate market. REALPORTICO exclusively serves one segment for special demand groups. With a presentation on REALPORTICO, you can reach the target groups that feel comfortable in this environment across national borders. At the same time you minimize the contact points of your potential customers and give your marketing an individual framework beyond your own online offer.
Which properties can be offered?
The term special real estate is not defined uniformly, therefore each offerer is naturally free in its personal interpretation. In this context, the term luxury real estate or exclusive real estate is often used. In fact, however, due to a particular characteristic of certain properties such as size, equipment, market value, geographical location, year of construction, condition, investment requirements, possible uses or official requirements, many properties can become special properties. Some examples that can be characteristic of individual real estate:
  • the totality of historical or listed properties with their common names, whether stately, civil or rural: castles, palaces, mansion, manor houses, villas, feudal estate, agricultural estates and farms, farmhouses, half-timbered houses as well as generally all properties built before 1945
  • Living spaces for high demands: old flats, lofts, penthouses
  • Real estate that is generally marketed as luxury real estate
  • Properties with extraordinary property values in the particularly low or particularly high range
  • Residential and commercial properties with outstanding or unique architecture
  • Houses and flats for special requirements whose characteristics cannot be reduced to 4 walls and a roof or 3 rooms, kitchen, bathroom
  • cultural, functional or residential buildings in urban and rural areas, such as historic inns, school buildings, town halls, parsonages, former post offices or railway stations, which are distinctive or prominent for their location
  • Real estate for investors: special and special real estate or investment real estate with abandoned use or uncertain future: manufactures and industrial areas, sanatoriums, hotel facilities, theaters, concert halls, cinemas, even exotic properties with special prior use such as churches and monasteries or conversion areas
  • new or alternative housing models: anything that was not originally built as living space but can or should be made habitable
  • In addition, we regularly list relevant property auctions as part of our portfolio.
How can I become a strategic partner, what are the advantages and requirements?
As a suitable strategic business partner, you will primarily not carry out your activities in the environment of the classic housing market and are specialized in a special real estate market, ideally also outside Germany. You benefit from free use. We support you in publishing your offers beyond your own website on our portal and check whether this can also be done automatically. In addition, we take care of your needs, wishes and suggestions with regard to REALPORTICO marketing and take care of their technical implementation. Please contact us!

Questions about your account

Where is my data stored?
Your data will only be stored on secure and regularly maintained servers in Germany. Sensitive data such as passwords, bank details, private messages or e-mails are also stored in encrypted form.
How can I delete my account?
Log in and go to your profile page. You can delete your account via the submenu available there. You must confirm the deletion of your account in two steps. The system first displays an overview of the type and scope of the deletion process. If you then confirm the process, the complete deletion of your data will be initiated. You will then be logged out and will no longer be able to log in with this data.
Will my personal data be deleted completely and permanently afterwards?
All personal data of business and private customers will be removed completely and irrevocably after deletion. This means that the data is also physically deleted from the server and not just marked as disabled. Deleted accounts and related activities can therefore not be reactivated or restored.
Why can't I log in with my Facebook or other social media account?
Even if these possibilities are popular and convenient: An interface to external services is always an invitation for the unwanted tapping of information and can also represent a security risk, especially if the offers are used worldwide and on a large scale. It is our central concern that REALPORTICO customers always retain full control over their data. We can no longer guarantee this if external companies gain access to your data and interactions. For this reason, we generally do not use such services. Each customer must therefore create their own REALPORTICO account.

Questions about real estate advertisements

Will advertising be placed on my offer page?
Advertising on Internet pages is generally perceived as annoying, at the same time we do not want to close ourselves completely to this source of income. As a business customer, your offer page remains free of advertising, for advertisements from private customers as well as for all other areas applies: We have no interest in using all means - and thus to the annoyance of our users - to fully exploit every sales opportunity and we do not collect any information in this regard for other companies. If we use advertising, then it is sensibly selected and target-group oriented.
Can I highlight my ad in the search results, e.g. with additional frames or top placements?
Each advertisement represents a special offer regardless of its placement or emphasis. Therefore, such functions are not offered yet. The given order of the search results always depends on the setting date, as long as the user does not select another sort of order. If customers have a relevant need, these possibilities can be provided.
Does the advertisement published here also appear on other real estate portals?
Cooperation with other platforms is not planned in this respect. We would like to offer you and our customers a differentiation from the daily offer on the real estate market. This demarcation is no longer given if the same content appears on many portals. Prospective buyers and tenants want to have as few contact points as possible, ideally they use a single source. We have no influence on the operation of special property search engines and can neither guarantee nor exclude that your offers will be listed there.
I do not want to publish the object address
You do not have to provide the full address of the property and can reduce the published location to the place name or even the state. Some interested parties or investors may also be interested in a certain region. In this case, you should make sure that no conclusions about the exact location can be drawn from the other contents.
Can I still pay for an ad after the entry process or do credits always have to be purchased in advance?
You can enter the data for an advertisement and pay before the publication of your offer. The acquisition of credits in advance, however, makes it possible to stop them quickly, as the payment step is no longer necessary. You always have an overview of available credit in your user account.
What happens to my ad when the runtime is over?
Once an advertisement has expired, it can no longer be accessed publicly via the portal, but remains stored in your account. The term is not automatically extended and there are no further costs. You can reset the display if you wish. If your credit account still has credits, a corresponding credit can be redeemed. Otherwise, a new credit must be acquired. If you delete the offer, all links to private data will be deleted. For the future improvement of our functions and for statistical purposes, however, the real estate data will remain internally in our system. However, a link between you as the provider and any existing message traffic can no longer be established for a deleted ad.

Questions about credit, fees and payment

What is the composition of the advertising prices?
The prices for the individual advertising models or terms are all-inclusive and independent of the type, value and location of the property to be marketed. A complete overview of the prices can be found tutaj.
Which provider do you use to process payments?
Secure payment processing is handled by the German provider Paymill in Munich:

Paymill GmbH
St. Martin Street 63
81669 Munich, Germany
How long are credits valid?
Acquired credits are valid for 6 months. If you have not redeemed credits within a period of 5 months, a reminder will be sent to you by e-mail.
I have two or more credits that are about to expire. Will the validity of the remaining credits be extended if I redeem a credit?
Yes, if you purchase more than one credit and place a property ad at a later date, the validity of the remaining credits will be extended by further 6 months.
One or more credits have expired. Am I entitled to a refund?
Unfortunately, we cannot refund the costs incurred for expired credits. You will receive an e-mail with a corresponding note in due time before expiry.
I have purchased a REALPORTICO Flat. How long are my ads online?
For example, if you purchase a REALPORTICO Flat on 01.01.2019, all ads created will be online by 01.01.2020. In addition, advertisements can also be paused and re-published at a later date. You can create as many ads as you want. However, make sure that you deactivate or delete offers that are no longer for marketing purposes.

Questions about data exchange: FTP uploads and interfaces

I would like to publish real estate offers on REALPORTICO from my software.
In order to be able to use FTP uploads and all other services offered in the future for data exchange with other products, you must be registered as a business customer. Private customers, on the other hand, can only enter ads manually on our portal. The following options are currently available:
  • 1. OpenImmo XML
    If your software supports the OpenImmo transmission standard, you can upload all required files compressed (e.g. as ZIP or RAR archive) to our servers. All you have to do is define REALPORTICO as the new publication medium in your software and enter the necessary access data. The portal then creates a corresponding real estate offer from the transmitted data.
Do you need further formats or interfaces to publish your offers with one click on REALPORTICO?

Do you have improvements, suggestions or wishes?

We are happy to provide further relevant functions. Contact us, we will take care of it!
Conventions for uploaded media
  • Maximum 50 files per property offer
  • Maximum of 30 MB per file, regardless of file type
  • Permissible Formats: JPG | PNG | BMP | PDF | MP4 | OGG

Awaken the right emotions in your target groups.

Please upload only meaningful media in appropriate quality and do not use sample photos or oversized watermarks. This is especially true for the selected thumbnail displayed in the search results.

The preview image should have a minimum width of 1600 pixels for optimal display. Even with larger files or higher resolutions there are no appreciably longer loading times.

Information on data transmission with the OpenImmo standard

Where can I find the FTP access data?
You can find the access data here. (The data is only available for logged in business customers)
Integration of an external virtual tour or a 360-degree tour
The variant of direct embedding described here is only possible if an external page - in this case - is allowed to access the content. The X-frame options of your server must be configured accordingly. More information and examples can be found on the Mozilla developer pages.
If a 360-degree panorama is available, the virtual tour can also be integrated directly on the offer page (instead of linking it externally, which means that visitors have to leave the current browser window). The file attachment must be defined as PANORAMA, the destination as REMOTE and the format as text/url. The corresponding code in the OpenImmo-XML file:
<anhang gruppe="PANORAMA" location="REMOTE">
         <anhangtitel>Virtual tour</anhangtitel>
How do I know if the upload and import was successful?
In your personal area (see link in section 6.1) you will also find a setting option for e-mail notifications. Here you can select whether you want to send e-mails after each upload/import process, only in the case of faulty imports, or not at all.

To ensure that you are directly informed in the event of an error, the e-mail notification should not be deactivated completely.

What happens if the import failed due to an error?
If the import could not be performed due to a technical problem or an error, the responsible developer is always informed by e-mail. He will then analyze the problem as quickly as possible and try to fix it automatically, so ideally you don't have to do anything.

In any case you will be informed about the result by e-mail. If we cannot solve the problem on our own, e.g. due to missing or incorrect data, we will contact the provider by telephone.

Is an FTP upload without credit possible?
As a business customer, you can also import up to 10 ads without a current credit balance. The ads created will then remain stored in your user account with the status In process. In order to activate the advertisements, the corresponding credit must be purchased beforehand.